Project 05


Kiēlē Collection (KC) is a collection of Notebooks created by Kidi Bebey. Journalist, Author and creative soul, Kidi has developed a collection of beautiful notebooks inspired by African textures. A.B.Creatives was very excited to take part in this project and to create for Kiēlē Collection both a classy yet funky Website to showcase the collections and a Blog to share Kidi's latest articles & best reads!




Creating my website with A.B.Creatives  was a real pleasure. Not only because Aline is super knowledgeable tech-wise, but also because she truly cares about the project she works on - she asks on point questions and truly listens to what you have to say.


As my "webmaster in chief", she gave me the choice between multiple website designs (as well as various payment plans), and then proceeded with the realisation of the site & blog, at my own pace, respecting all my moments of hesitations without exercising any kind of pressure.


In the end, the result matched exactly what I had in mind, and I know that if I wanted to, the story doesn't end here : Aline & her team can also provide me with services such as content updates and creative support. Thank you again for your beautiful work. What a great collaboration… What's next?