The Frisons de St jean (FSJ) are a horse pension establishment located in Auvergne, France.

Christelle is the manager of the place. She is the owner of 5 beautiful Frisons and looks after another 10 horses on a daily basis (on top of her full time job), so let's just say that she did not really have the time to revamp her existing website and was quite happy when she found us!

Christelle trusted Abcreatives with the realisation of her website and gave us a free pass for both the design & the copywriting. A challenge that we happily accepted! And because we truly care about the end result we deliver, we took it a step further and got in touch with the people who use her pension services to ask them for their testimonials. A surprise Christelle was truly appreciative of and thankful for.



I have a full time job and a horse pension establishment to run. I love what I do and I really enjoy taking care of all our horses, but the idea of re-doing an entire website, writing contents, gathering pictures, testimonials etc, just seemed like the one-too-many task to add on my to-do-list. So when I heard about ABCreatives and their comprehensive package of Web Design, Copywriting, Easy to Launch Premium Plan, I just went for it.


I got in touch with Aline and as soon as we had our first discussion I could see that she understood exactly what our pensions were about, and so I trusted her with everything and told her she could do our entire website from A to Z. After only three days, I had in front of my eyes a brand new, elegant, easy to use website that reflected exactly the atmosphere of our place and the kind of services we provide. I also had the pleasant surprise to find beautiful testimonials from our riders that Aline had gathered for us - we loved it! I highly recommend ABCreatives services, not only for their rapidity, but also their creativity, flexibility & kindness. Thank you again!  




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