Marie Menaha is a mentor who helps businesses and women to align their purpose, carrier & family lives with a spiritual twist to it.

Marie wanted something simple that would attract her wide range of clientèle - from business women to international companies or teenagers.

We created for Marie a fun and professional platform which is completely in line with Marie's spirit & message.



I'm a business woman, mother of two and I travel ½ year. What I do? I help CEO, leaders, managers to implement the right strategies for a growing and profitable global business. By doing this, I’ve realised that I can also be a mentor for students, entrepreneurs, especially women entrepreneurs and professional to implement the right strategies to nourish their personal ambition. I knew how I wanted to create my website but I didn’t want to do it by myself because I wanted it to look professional.

I knew Aline, and when I saw the previous websites that ABCreatives had delivered, I knew she was the right person to materialise my wish: a nice, authentic and original website. On top of helping with the copywriting, she was also able to create a bilingual version of the website (French/English). So when I heard this All-in-One Package, I knew this was the way to go for me.

What I liked about working with Aline was that she truly listened to me, and I was also amazed at how fast she was understanding my needs, my vision, and the way I wanted to approach this project. It made me feel like she could actually read my mind.

In just 24 hours she presented me with one design & three different theme options that all looked stunning. After a quick exchange, she helped me choose the one that was the most in line with my personality and the message I wanted to convey.

Working with ABCreatives has been a great experience from start to finish. Aline is very creative and has this ability to appreciate the beauty and the excellence which I think is a must have when you offer this kind a service! I would do it all over again in a heart beat!




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